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  5. alexhchung:

    Star Wars… Guardians of the Galaxy style.

  6. alexhchung:

    Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 process by Alex Ross

  7. Here’s the original for comparison. #digitalart #portrait #margerytyrell #gameofthrones #nataliedormer #digitalsketch

  8. I’ve been having trouble with faces lately so I’ve decided to do some likeness studies. This portrait of Natalie Dormer took a lot longer than I’d normally spend on a face but I think the extra work paid off. #digitalart #portrait #margerytyrell #gameofthrones #nataliedormer #digitalsketch

  9. 1980 Chinese Star Wars comic. Aka the absolute greatest and most bizzare thing I think I’ve ever seen.

  10. I posted the WIP of this a while ago, and a lot of people on here seemed to like it. Now it’s a finalist in the contest, so it would be pretty awesome if those of you who enjoyed it so much could click the image and Like the photo in the Facebook gallery. 

    Lok’tar ogar!

    Thanks people!