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  2. Coming soon to my Etsy shop - Zombie Prints! This is a work in progress. etsy.com/shop/heroprints

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  4. Cap shirt, Cap socks, Cap shoes. I think I’m ready to see #thewintersoldier #yeahbuddy #marvel

  5. "These aren’t the droids you’re looking for." #starwars #actionfigures #kidforlife

  6. "How long have you had these droids?" #starwars #actionfigures #kidatheart

  7. kyletwebster:



    ** REBLOG AND WIN ** The Ultimate Megapack for Photoshop has been updated and now contains over 100 brushes for the same discounted price as the original pack. 

    This is my best-selling set and it includes a wide range of incredibly realistic pencils, inks, gouache, oil and acrylic brushes, as well as some FX brushes, erasers, blenders and smudge tools. There is even a perspective grid brush.

    THREE random Tumblr followers who reblog this post will win a free Megapack on Sunday, March 30th (Value: $13).

    Thanks for the support, artist friends, and happy painting to all!

    2 more days, friends! 

    Thanks for the reblogs - one day left!

  8. brianmichaelbendis:

    Batman storyboards by Bruce Timm

    (Source: azertip)

  9. Another #heroprint on the books. #superman #wonderwoman #digitalart #commission #comicart #comics #etsy etsy.com/shop/heroprints

  10. alexhchung:

    Norman Rockwell by Alex Ross